At Westmill, we care about sustainability and supporting families in need. That’s why we offer a furniture recycling scheme and second-hand clothing scheme, providing affordable options for those who are struggling and reducing waste at the same time.

Our History

50 years ago Len Worbey and Jim Riley had a fete in order to raise funds to build changing rooms on the Burford Way junior football pitch for the local youth team. In order to help Dora Price recruited some young mums to do another fete in the September of 1964 which sowed the seeds for Westmill Community Association as the council said that in order to get funding for the project it should be for a community building and consequently in Sept 1965 the Association was formed. We raised the funds to buy the Old Centre and then 10 years later the new North Herts District Council provided the New Build in John Barker Place which is now to be replaced by a more modern building with a new youth facility but life does not change that much and a new build will need the same support as the others did, help to run the Association.

-Mrs M Furr, MBE

In August 2016 the Association was given a new building with air conditioning and extra space to run more groups and a MUGA was built next to centre providing a space for the youth to enjoy.

Our Team

Romina Whitelock
Vicky Pooley
Trevor Gillard
Emma Connor
Centre Manager
Nadine Gilbert
Secretary / Office Administrator
Mark Connor